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10 Apr

What happened when musical instrument designer and motorcycle designer swap roles?

Recently Yamaha came up with a fun project called AH A MAY (“Yamaha backwards”), in which they asked their motorcycle design team to make musical instruments, and the musical instrument designers to create motorcycles. The result comprised four objects, which were on display at the 2015 Biennale Interationale Design Saint-Etienne. Yamaha Motor Co.’s design team created the amazing spherical drum

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09 Apr

Turning trash collecting into a fun voting game

Dealing with trash during a music festival is always a hard problem. However, by turning the process of throwing away trash into a competitive game called Wecup, recycling waste has never been so fun and easy. Wecup is an interactive, provoking installation created by Studio Squash, Giacomo Boffo, Alessandro Carosso and Oana Clitan. It was first

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01 Apr

Coloring helps adults to de-stress

Now we have a great reason to pick up crayons and color pencils, which we put aside long time ago, and start to color like a kid. Based on recent studies, coloring can be beneficial for adults — namely for its de-stressing power. Reason for the effect is that when we focus on a particular activity, we

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