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23 Sep

8 TOYISH-fun DIY Halloween projects to do with your kids

Halloween is coming up soon. TOYISH sought inspiration online and found eight spooktacular DIY Halloween projects for you to scare up some fun with your kids. MINI GHOST PIÑATAS DIY (via OH HAPPY DAY) Want spooky decor and more candies for your Halloween party? These amazing mini ghost piñatas are the answers.   HALLOWEEN CHARACTER TREAT

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13 Apr

Children have a chance to slip into the skin of all kinds of animals at Biennale de Saint Etienne

Taking the form of a collection of costumes, the creation offers children the chance to get into the skins of animals of all kinds, from the tamest to the wildest. When we dress up, it almost feels like that we are free to live in our imaginary world, and excused from any odd behavior. This collection of stunning costumes was

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10 Apr

What happened when musical instrument designer and motorcycle designer swap roles?

Recently Yamaha came up with a fun project called AH A MAY (“Yamaha backwards”), in which they asked their motorcycle design team to make musical instruments, and the musical instrument designers to create motorcycles. The result comprised four objects, which were on display at the 2015 Biennale Interationale Design Saint-Etienne. Yamaha Motor Co.’s design team created the amazing spherical drum

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