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You call this work?

At TOYISH, the Lab is our playing field. It’s filled with paper, clay, gadgets, colors, and computers. But most importantly, it’s filled with kids.

Do you see what I see?

Give a kid a carrot and she sees a rocket.  A snowman’s nose.
Or a castle turret. Every child views the world in his or her own way. Our toys are as open-minded as a curious kid. They’re designed to stimulate imaginations and nurture the thinking skills that make each child-and toy-unique.

Hacking encouraged.

TOYISH toys combine crafts and building, creating and re-creating, right brain and left brain thinking. They encourage players to look at things differently, break the rules, and put pieces together in new ways. They make kids wonder. Think. Laugh. And they make them want to keep on playing.

We have our own fun-o-meter.

In the Lab we research. We sketch. We prototype. And we keep asking questions. But the reality check comes from kids. We know a toy is fun when a kid plays with it, again and again. In lots of different ways. Our team spends hours learning from the ways kids really play. And playing with the ways they really learn.

  • Our packaging.

  • Meet our colorful Playbooks.

  • We love paper. Oldschool pure fun!

  • Issac in action. Master printer!

  • Daniel fine-tunes the Gymnast Dancer

  • Dancer process sketches

Dancer process sketches

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