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30 Mar

Toyish is on-trend with top toy trends of 2015

The TIA (Toy Industry Association) has published their list of top trends they found perusing this year’s toy fair, and we’re happy to say that TOYISH is on-trend with TIA’s thinking for the year of 2015.

“Open-ended forms of play will reign supreme in 2015, with an abundance of toys and games that allow kids to build, customize, create, and develop important skills through play,” said Adrienne Appell, TIA trend expert.

Seven top trends can be summarized as follows:

– Maker Movement

The Maker Movement spotlights toys that allow kids to build and create items that are unique to them. These playthings provide kids with a sense of ownership and pride; they also help children develop important cognitive and physical skills through play.

– Open-ended Playtime

Open-ended toys and games help promote creativity, resourcefulness and problem-solving skills by allowing kids the freedom to explore exactly how they want to play, depending on their abilities and interests. With many kids today leading very structured lives, open-ended play gives them a chance to relax, have fun, and enjoy being kids without prescribed rules or restrictions.

– Mini Madness

The Mini Madness trend encompasses toys that come in tiny packages, as well as smaller versions of hot-selling existing product lines.

– “Smart” Play

“Smart” Play speaks to the growing number of educational and academically focused toys on the market. It includes innovative toys that teach kids Science, Tech, Engineering, Arts and Math (STEAM) – a trend first identified by TIA last year – as well as classic games and activities that promote the development of cognitive and social skills.

– Under the Sea

– Top in Tech

– Dawn of the Dinosaurs