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I cartwheel, backflip and turn on my toes. Then I glide across the skinniest balance beam. I almost never fall. But if I do, I just get right back up and start again. That’s what gymnasts do in the Olympics.


ThePrima Ballerina

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Prima Ballerina

I dance every day and night, sometimes even past midnight. When I twirl onto the stage, I spin so fast, it makes people dizzy. My skirt flies around me, and all the colors blend together. But when I take my curtsy, everyone can see the pretty pattern that was made just for me. And everyone claps.


TheFlamenco dancer

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Flamenco dancer

Every flamenco dance has a story, and I’m the storyteller. I tap my feet. I swish my skirt. I wave my arms in the air and flash my fan. All through the dance, a guitar strums and the audience claps. I dance faster and faster and faster, until my feet feel like they’re flying. Olé!




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A submarine to float your boat.
Take a deep dive into the underworld with a tricked-out submarine. Underwater lights let you see exotic fish and enemy ships. Oxygen tanks make sure there’s plenty of air down there. You can even camouflage it with ocean colors.


TheRace car

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Race car

The fastest car on the track.
Fast, faster, fastest. The spoiler and bumpers on this racer don’t just look good 一 they cut the wind so the car flies around the track, and keep the driver safe when turning sharp corners. Choose a body color to make it your own.



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Top-of-the-line helicopter.
Go up, up, and away with a super-powered helicopter. It flies straight up and down, or even hovers over landing pad. Spin the top and tail rotors to keep it in the air as long as you want.




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I’m a sailor and a champion. Kind of like a pirate, but better. I always carry an axe. It’s so strong I can use it to split my enemy’s shields and metal helmets. My own helmet has horns on it. If you get too close to me, I’ll butt your head.


TheRoman Soldier

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Roman Soldier

Roman soldiers are the bravest of all. I wear lots of armor to protect myself and carry a huge javelin that can smash through shields and metal. When I throw it at my enemies, they all run away.


TheRolling Samurai

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Rolling Samurai

Samurais are super smart. I do judo everyday, so I’m strong and brave. My katana sword is my greatest weapon. Its curved blade is sharper than a hundred steak knives. My helmet protects my head from everything. I never take it off.




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Engines? Check. Space wings? Check. Power propeller? Double check. Every spaceship is geared up for its special mission. Have another idea? Draw it, then slip it inside the capsule. You can never be over-prepared when you’re in space.


TheRocket that rocks

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Rocket that rocks

Heavy-duty fuel engines, wings, and a command module send this rocketship soaring. Draw on the body, adding a window if you want to see the view. Slip the astronaut into his seat and… three-two-one-blastoff!


TheMoon Rover

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Moon Rover

Exploring the moon is tough going. A moon rover needs powerful engines, a solar research unit with a radar and camera, and a robotic arm to collect samples to bring home. Who’s driving? Uh-oh, looks like an alien!



TheComing soon

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Coming soon


TheKate’s Cones

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Kate’s Cones

I scream, you scream. Everyone screams for ice cream. Kate scoops your favorite flavor and serves it from the window. There’s extra ice in the back to keep things chilled, and music on top to keep everyone hopping.


TheComing soon

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