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09 Apr

Turning trash collecting into a fun voting game

Dealing with trash during a music festival is always a hard problem. However, by turning the process of throwing away trash into a competitive game called Wecup, recycling waste has never been so fun and easy.

Wecup is an interactive, provoking installation created by Studio Squash, Giacomo Boffo, Alessandro Carosso and Oana Clitan. It was first presented at the three-day music festival in Rotterdam. The installation involves pairs of plexiglass tubes which were labeled with conflicting statements(i.e., “Home is where the job is” vs. “Home is where the heart is”). The public could vote for their preferred statement by throwing their plastic cups into the corresponding tube.

“We were interested in whether design could influence people to deal with their waste differently,” one of Wecup’s designers, Oana Clitan writes in an email. “We offered users a playful way to express their opinions while using the plastic waste as a means of this expression about different issues related to their city, culture, and society.”


resource from Co.Design, photo via Giacomo Boffo