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30 Jan

Visions for the future of mobility

Dezeen and MINI Frontiers, a collaboration between Dezeen magazine and car brand MINI, unveiled ideas for the future of travel created by six cutting-edge young designers at London Design Festival 2014.

Design Taxonomy by Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg

Design Taxonomy imagines design subjected to biological rules. In this alternative vision for sustainable production, resource-intensive metals and plastics have been replaced by degradable biological materials that can be cheaply and efficiently replaced. Car companies no longer produce entire vehicles, but rather manufacture and distribute a durable chassis block, onto which disposable, locally produced bio-shells can be added.

dezeen mini frontier_futurn mobility 3

designtaxonomy_designevolution (1)

Ginsberg presents a single car, which diversifies down thirteen generations and across five climate zones to produce over one hundred different designs.

Stained-Glass Driverless Sleeper Car of the Future by Dominic Wilcox

Wilcox proposes that by the year 2059 – 100 years after the first MINI went into production – driverless cars will make current safety requirements redundant. This will give car designers total freedom of form and material. The stained glass shell of the car encases a single bed, which the passenger can relax in as the car takes them where they need to go.

dezeen mini frontier_futurn mobility 5

dezeen mini frontier_futurn mobility 6

Hyper-Reality (extract) by Keiichi Matsuda

In this extract from his Hyper-Reality series of films, Keiichi Matsuda explores what it would be like to live in a world where digital information such as turn-by-turn navigation and road signage is superimposed onto the physical world via augmented reality.

dezeen mini frontier_futurn mobility 7

Unique Passengers by Matthew Plummer-Fernandez

Inspired by dashboard bobbleheads and the figures of gods and deities seen in cars around the world, Matthew Plummer-Fernandez imagines a future where we each use a personal 3D-printed driving companion to communicate with our vehicles.

dezeen mini frontier_futurn mobility 8

Prepping the Body for Space V.01 by Lucy McRae

Lucy McRae has developed a speculative vacuum chamber designed to prepare the human body for long-distance space travel.

dezeen mini frontier_futurn mobility 9


resource from  Dezeen Magazine